The certifications

The certifications


When you wear a Trame piece you become part of a transparent and ethical path, that we can guarantee you both through our experience (link our experience) and by relying on certification bodies. These independent bodies verify that products and processes comply with the social, environmental and qualitative standards that we declare.


Equo Garantito is the community and verifier of Fair Trade organizations in Italy. Through its monitoring system (supervised by ICEA, an independent control body) it objectively and transparently verifies compliance by the members with the declared ethical standards.

What it guarantees: the social responsibility of the project, the respect of fair-trade values throughout the different phases and in the relationship with the Future Maker, the ethical value of the supply chain.


GOTS is an international standard signed by various certification bodies, to guarantee the organic cultivation of textile raw materials and compliance with environmental and social standards throughout the entire supply chain, ranging from the absence of exploitation and discrimination, to the prohibition of using, in cultivation and production, heavy metals, formaldehyde, solvents, toxic whiteners.
We have chosen this certification for all of our cotton knitwear items and we are monitored by ICEA for compliance with the standards.

What it guarantees: clothes made with cotton from organic farming, produced respecting the environment and the health of those who work the land and who will wear the finished garment.


Fair Trade is an international ethical certification brand that ensures, for certain categories of products – cotton, cocoa, coffee, tea, sugar, flowers among others - the respect of the rights of workers and their communities throughout the entire supply chain. We have chosen this brand for our customizable garments in cotton.

What it guarantees: that the ethical standards of fair trade are followed by farms and companies that are part of the supply chain.