Our ethical fashion

Our ethical fashion


Wearing an idea

Reflect yourself in the clothes you are wearing: this is how we want to start the conversation with you, because this is a space that is dedicated to you.

To you, who love to wear an idea the idea of yourself and the world that hosts you. To you who feel on your skin bonds that connect all of us to the rest of us and to our living environment.

We want to help you wear your ideas.

Trame is conceived as a loom of relationships. The warp of individual stories and the weave of collective stories together, contribute to weaving meaningful bonds. A fabric of relationships that extends from our partners in India, Nepal, Iran, Peru, Colombia and Kenya and reaches you.

Our partners are the Future Makers from whom this path begins and who have formed the basis and the inspiration of our commitment. A commitment that wants to combine social and environmental sustainability, because the only living and future-capable resources of our history are human beings and their living environment. To them, and ultimately to ourselves, we owe our attention and care.

The language we want to use to connect with this community oriented to the beauty of the future is a deep-rooted transparency, the will to make visible and intelligible the path that we have traced and which will be defined with your participation.