The fabrics

The fabrics



We chose our fabrics with care and attention. We prefer those of natural origin and, when possible, from organic cultivation, both pure and mixed together, depending on the model, colour, season.

We are fascinated by hand-woven, by the traditional decorative techniques, but we also love to experiment with prints and graphics.

We like to explore all the possibilities of each yarn and fabric: for us cotton does not only mean a t-shirt or a summer dress, but it also means tweed, velvet, satin, jersey, light brushed or interlocked fleece, warm and perfect for the winter season.

Silk can be impalpable and streaked or raw, crinkled and iridescent and also soft and shiny. Linen with its irregularities makes each garment unique, while the combination of silk and cotton of the typical Bengali Endi Cotton creates surprising streaks of lights and shadows that make the thousand shades of a same colour stand out.

We fell in love with lyocell at first sight: this light and airy fabric is sustainably produced from eucalyptus wood. Lyocell gives the cotton an extraordinary shine, softness and wearability, with an effect similar to that of viscose but more structured. It gives skirts and trousers a wonderful fit and comfort, while remaining elegant at the same time.