Auromira and Artisan Hut: SS 21 !!

Did it seem to you too that winter would never end? But here it is, flowery and fragrant: spring is upon us, with its longer days and the first warm afternoons. How to celebrate it if not opening the wardrobe to flowers? Auromira and Artisan Hut come to our aid with their fresh, light, colorful fabrics.

From Artisan Hut come skirts, dresses and trousers in beautiful khadi cotton and iridescent pinstripe embellished with Kantha embroidery.
The khadi ecru and blue striped fabric has a particularity that makes it unique and precious: ecru is spun exclusively by hand and gives the fabric and every garment made with it that special irregularity that is the sign of a completely handcrafted process. manual.
Precious is also the multi-row fabric with khanta embroidery: just think that to make it, 36 threads of different colors are used in the warp, intertwined in the weft with black threads that give the fabric this iridescent appearance. Using 36 different colors in the warp on the manual loom is a job of extreme skill and patience and which makes it difficult to reproduce the exact fabric: each garment made with it will therefore be unique because it is always slightly different from all the others.

At Auromira, on the other hand, dresses, tops and skirts in Seerzuker cotton printed with a luxuriant Tropical Garden pattern and in a graceful cotton broderie anglaise, romantic and refined.